Over the past 30 years, he has made internationally recognised contributions to the field of molecular biology about microorganisms that can be used in biomining practices. He has been evaluated as an A-rated scientist by the National Research Foundation since 1992. It is the highest ranking that a South African scientist can receive, and recognises the person as an international leader in his or her specific field. In 2011 he was also rewarded the SASM Gold Medal for exceptional service to Microbiology over an extended period of time.

We asked Prof Rawlings some key questions about his career as a microbiologist.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 20:12

Welcome to the new SASM blog

After what felt like an indefinite delay, the new SASM Blog is finally live! Our members have been asking for it, and it now is finally here. We are planning great things for the blog as a communication channel with all registered SASM members. Look out for some informative articles on the latest local and global microbiology news, interviews and events. SASM also now has a presence on the major social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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